Diagnostics: the bone marrow biopsy

I’m finally done with my diagnostic tests. This week consisted of a CT scan, a PET scan and a bone marrow biopsy. Oh and a visit to the sperm bank because these chemo treatments basically ruin your swimmers (I’ll save that for a separate post).¬† The doctor was great, numbing the area with lidocaine and having faith enough in me to skip any anxiolytic. That was fine with me but I think a mistake for him. I spent the next 5-10 minutes channeling the pain into primal screaming. You’ve got to envision the scene – I’m in a room outside the chemotherapy infusion area (it’s quiet) and¬†yelling like like a Continue reading Diagnostics: the bone marrow biopsy

controlled movements

I did a tai chi class the other day. What struck me about this is a feeling of rootedness. You aren’t moving much, certainly not compared to running a marathon. That said there’s something interesting about mastering one’s own ‘frame’ as it’s called, basically what’s in arms reach. In Tolstoy’s how much land does a man need the protagonist seeks all this land/fortune, but in the end the punch line is: Continue reading controlled movements