On quality of life

We think of quality of life in a physical plane. And it is to a large degree. But one thing to bear in mind is that feelings/emotions are the true value of the physical.

As I prepare to enter chemotherapy this idea is top of mind. Quality of life over the coming months will to some degree be dictated by an absence of nausea and pain, of good energy. But the quality of my thoughts is the main piece that I can control – good physical with bad feelings is probably not much better than great feelings and bad physical. I’ll do my best to have both.

One clean way of braking up mindset is into two groups: scarcity and abundance. It’s clear that emotions tend to be of a lower quality when under the influence of scarcity thinking. Conversely feelings of freedom result from an abundance mindset. Actually let’s call it gut-set (I’m making that up because it resonates more); if your gut knows then your mind follows.

So practically speaking one change I’ll make is to hang more art on the walls. My place tends to not have much by way of art as I like cleanliness. These will serve as emotional anchors to remind me that emotion is what matters most.┬áThere is no success without fulfillment. Fulfillment is an emotion. The goal is to feel fulfilled each day. Emotional mastery is achieving this to ever increasing amounts per day, regardless the circumstances.