My quantified chemo-self

My brother Eli and I worked out earlier today at my local gym. I’ve been trying to get as strong as possible going into this battle so I have reserves to draw on. He had a great suggestion while we were doing heavy deadlifts to track this over time. So basically I plan to science the shit out of this (stealing from one of my recent favorite movies, the Martian).

I’ve decided to monitor 2 aspects of my health as I go through chemo. The first is monitor my weight and body composition with a wireless scale over the course of this treatment – I’ll be using this one. The second is to track my strength loss during this period. I don’t want to overthink this process so what I’ll do is track one key lift, the barbell deadlift, since I think covers 80/20 on total strength. I’ve established my baseline 1 rep max (238 lb). Since I’m likely to lose some weight I’ll normalize this looking as percentage of bodyweight (1.6x) and calculating the theoretical 1rm moving forward. I say theoretical because it’s probably not advisable to push hard enough to do an actual 1rm during chemo. For reference here’s the calculator I’ll be using. 

I’ll establish a stable baseline over the next few days and track this as I go. Here’s the spreadsheet I’ll be using: