today is the day – let’s go!!

I kickoff my first chemo session in an hour. Feeling very calm overall. The one thing that’s surfacing for me above all others is a conversation with my son Lev last night. Actually it wasn’t so much a conversation as him telling me his thoughts.

Daddy, when I grow up I want to be a surgeon. Because the world needs more surgeons. And surgery is important….yeah. And I also want to be a baseball player. And a construction worker….

Fuck yea Lev! Why didn’t I do all those things?! Basically it was fear, apprehension. Self-doubt, thumb sucking (to borrow Warren Buffett’s terminology). Oy! Whatever it is we commit to we have a choice. We can tip-toe or we can tap-dance through this world toward our goals and dreams. No tip-toeing moments will be missed. And I hope to have fewer of them moving forward. Today certainly is not a day for apprehension. The path forward is clear.  Let’s do this!!