Round 6 is done

It’s done.

I got home and felt like I was slammed by a wall. I just slept. Then I slept more the next day. The plan now is to recover from this last infusion for a few weeks. I just scheduled my CT and PET scans for later this month (17th and 18th). So I should know my status by end of Dec. I’ll fly east to be with family for about a week for the holidays.

Do I feel relieved? Yes. But that relief is eclipsed by a feeling of overwhelm at the thought of these upcoming tests. These will determine if I’m on the other side of this or not. Have I won the battle only to continue the war? Am I cured? Will I need to evaluate other treatment options if the cancer is still active? I’m on guard. It’s kind of a mental limbo that I’m contending with. Oy! But today I feel great so screw it. Now I’m back on the prednisone and zarxio injections to boost my immunity. The weight gain seems less severe than last rounds thus far. Lua and Lev helped me with my injection this morning. They were so excited; Lua said she wanted a shot too!

In terms of a recap on round 6 I couldn’t have asked for more. My colleague and friend Matt joined me for the whole time, taking time off of his insane schedule. Was wonderful to catch up and talk about deep life topics (as well as life sciences!) for a few hours. Matt – if you’re reading this your strength, resilience and attitude in handling adversity inspire me (I’ll leave it at that). It really meant a lot to have you there on this last round.

Thea, my original chemo nurse popped in a few times to say hello though she wasn’t my actual nurse that day. Towards the end, a nice surprise – all the nurses on the floor came in started blasting some music on someone’s phone and started dancing (really bad dancing!). It was a very sweet gesture. They all signed a certificate of completion – you know, the kind you get for doing nothing more than showing up. It a nice way to mark the end of this chapter. Thea asked me to come back and visit. At one point earlier she suggested I come and talk to some of the newer cancer patients, something about my attitude. I may take them up on the offer.

So now it’s a waiting game for a few weeks. Staying positive.

Thanks for joining Matt. Was really special to spend the final round 6 with you.
Certificate of completion signed by all the nurses.