writing again; 9 year wedding anniversary

Some of you have been asking so apologies for not writing lately…I appreciate the concern when folks ask if I’m ok…then tell me to write more! Truth is I’ve sat down many times in attempts to write over the past few weeks, only to find my motivation waning. I’ve been struggling a bit to figure out what to do with this blog now that I’m on the road to recovery. My goal is to continue writing (it’s highly therapeutic). So the solution I’ve landed on is to expand emphasis to meditations on other topics beyond the battle with cancer.  It feels like an obvious extension of the blogs focus.

We’ll see how it goes. Here’s an ice breaker…

Today Michelle and I celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary!

In those 9 years we’ve birthed 3 kids, finished grad school; bought a home, survived cancer, worked on and with many companies & schools; good times and hard ones. It’s not been easy but the long arc of it has felt rewarding and meaningful. I’ve always thought of this phase as ‘life building’. And turns out those first turns of the flywheel are always hard. Feels like now we’ve got some momentum.

And joy matters so much more than it ever did. What really inspires me about where things are now – in part thanks to the perspective shift that tends to accompany scary disease – is that I can step back, witness the fruit of our hard efforts, and think; wow, we did that! This morning I sat at breakfast with the kids and just enjoyed them for a moment. They do the work, I get to watch it unfold. Nice.

Michelle – to say I’m proud of you does a disservice to words. You are strong. You build communities like nobody I’ve ever known. You nurture our family. You cared for me in dark times. You notice and appreciate the small details in everything you encounter, providing our family life with meaning and light. What we’ve been able to do together over these years makes me proud of us. And we’re just getting started! It’s easy to forget all these things in the grind of life. Three kids, aging parents, me getting sick, and all the rest of it is not easy. Let’s make it a priority to enjoy this crazy ride to the maximum. And to make it meaningful. It’s important. Happy anniversary baby. I love you forever.

Let’s party.

At my friend Carmel’s wedding last week. We don’t get many pics together without kiddos!