diet & health practices

I get asked this a fair bit, including from the doctors so I figure it’s worth posting (I also wanted to check myself to see if I stuck with what I said I would do, turns out it is consistent with an earlier post). Let’s start this with some caveats. This does not constitute medical advice. I generally followed Pareto’s law (80/20 rule), not getting fanatical about really anything. Generally what I’ve been doing is based on my readings of the literature, common sense and always via the lens of what works for me. What works for my body could be exactly the wrong thing for yours. That said I haven’t seen much negative evidence for any of this. For example I considered the Ketogenic diet after reading much about it re: curing cancer and etc. But on reading deeper into lymphoma specifically there is evidence suggesting possible negative effects of high fat diets. Also the studies I’ve read on Keto were mostly for solid tumors, I could find little to nothing on blood cancers. For that reason (and frankly the impracticality of it, especially with kids) I didn’t go down that path despite some initial interest.

What I can confidently claim is that in aggregate the below definitely had a placebo effect, might/might not have had some physical effects, and definitely did not have negative effects. With all that said here’s what I did most of the time:

Things I did consistently:

  • Green tea basically all day long. I brew it extra long so it’s extra bitter, frankly kind of gross.
  • fast until noon OR one meal at the end of the day. I would say I averaged 4 days/week pretty consistently here. My weight did not fluctuate much, interestingly. I also found that once I made it until noon that was highly predictive of going the full day until dinner. What the heck, I’m already here and I’m not hungry. I’ve always hated eating lunch anyway (slows me down), so actually it’s pretty easy.
  • If I did eat breakfast it was oatmeal. I can eat this all day long. It’s not your childhood sugary oatmeal. It’s steel cut/quick oats with cumin, turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, coconut oil, raisins, walnuts. Maybe a drip of honey. Gets me through the whole day many days. This might be an acquired taste but I love it.
  • Turmeric and pepper/oil on basically everything. Michelle is grossed out by it but I love it. That includes, soups, salads, oatmeal, stir fry, etc.
  • Workout a lot. That included track workouts, climbing (one evening/week with my friend Sean), strength training, etc. I workout most days fairly intensely.
  • Meditation/visualization. I’m not fanatical about this – walking in the woods counts. I would sometimes visualize the cancer melting away or otherwise being defeated. I would also visualize challenging scenarios (sometimes called negative visualization) considering worst case scenarios, often in vivid detail, toward getting myself present and appreciative for what I do have. And to prepare my mind for any eventuality. It’s not for everyone.

Things I consistently avoided:

  • No dairy (the occasional ice cream with turmeric turns out to be quite nice though).
  • Alcohol, though would drink with friends on occasion. Bonding trumps the negative effects of alcohol, assuming it’s moderated, IMO.
  • Low protein, almost no animal. I really cut most animal protein from my diet. For example I used to eat scrambled eggs for breakfast more days than not. They don’t work for me anymore. Fish on occasion. Chicken rarely. Beef almost never (but still if I feel like it). Overall my protein consumption is probably half of what it was before and I don’t feel any worse for it.
  • Coffee has been on the uptick lately after a big cut from what it used to be – my default is still mostly green tea.
  • I never was big into processed foods and sugar so that’s been a mainstay of my diet. Refined sugar is the enemy.

I think that covers most of it.