2020-02-22; Saul turns 8!…Complete remission…other updates

I haven’t been doing much writing the past few weeks. I’ve been focused on staying above water. Here’s a few updates:

First off – I left you all in a cliffhanger with the last post. My scans came back clean!! So I’m officially one year in CR (complete remission). That’s a major milestone. In retrospect I was definitely thinking that I didn’t believe the data or that the year scan would show a reversal or something really bad. I now do believe that I’m in a different place and can get on with things. I need to celebrate but I really haven’t figured out the best way yet. That’s on my list of todos.

I left my Job at the end of last year. I love the people at Tophatter (which just made the a16z list of top 100 marketplaces!) and the team has been really good to me through my journey as I’ve written about over the past year. But it’s clear that I needed a reset. I’ve been taking a step back to really be intentional about what my next step looks like. I feel like I’ve been handed this amazing gift – which I now believe with the latest scan result – and it’s sometimes overwhelming. I’m taking Q1 to pick my head up and see what resonates most. I’ve had some amazing conversations with some inspiring people lately. I’ll keep you all posted as I get further along!

Saul just turned 8. This kid lights me up when things are good. And he is also a hard kid, strong willed and sensitive. I’m constantly pushed to the edges of my capabilities which can be both frustrating when things go off the rails, but also exciting when it goes well and I see his excitement shine through. I find myself telling the kids that they also teach me – that I’m improving as a dad all the time too!

Sales Force tower – yep, we’re going to the top!

I’m also going to be running to the top of the Sales Force tower on 3/28. I joined the LLS Big climb exec committee a few months ago to raise money for blood cancer research. I’m currently building my team to go to the top – you can join my team or make a donation here and climb 60+ floors to see the best views of the bay. My friend (and teammate) Magnus has a match in place for donations up to $1k!! You can donate here (it doesn’t matter where you donate – it all goes to the same place!).

Are you intimidated that you’re not in shape enough (because e.g., the bart stairs make you tired)? Don’t be! It’s not a race, it’s not timed, the glass exterior makes it seem scarier than it actually is – and of course you’ll be supporting a great cause. I personally guarantee it will feel amazing sipping to sip a cold drink at the highest point in SF!

A massive thank you to everyone that has joined the team or made a donation. We’ve raised nearly $7k already!