I’m an otherwise healthy 40 year old guy. I have 3 kids: Saul (6), Lev (4), Lua (20 months). I was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of non-hodgkins lymphoma. This doesn’t run in my family and is totally out of the blue. At my last physical my doctor said I had some of the best looking blood work he’s seen. So yeah this is unexpected.

This blog aims to chronicle my experience battling cancer and to process what I’m going through. I have 2 specific aims:

  1. To provide an objective look at what it is I’m going through to keep family and loved one’s up to date. Also hopefully it’ll serve to remind me about all I’m experiencing, assuming I get through this.
  2. To do my part to support others going through something similar or, frankly any type of hardship. Life is full of challenges no matter your health status. If this chronicle can provides any amount of strength to folks facing a difficult time then that’s all upside.

Here goes…

Meditations while battling cancer