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Chemolog: day 55

October! Apple picking, halloween, pumpkin patches, crisp fall air. I typically love this time of year. Except that I’m now definitely into round 3 and I’m slogging through this thing.

Saturday I woke up really bloated. My normal weight is about 144. I got a shock when I stepped on the scale and it read 152 – up 8 lbs literally overnight – my highest reading yet. Then Sunday, 154! My face has been flushed and swollen. It’s obvious this liquid is retaining in my skin, belly and joints. Continue reading Chemolog: day 55

Chemo round 3 tomorrow

Chemo round 3 is tomorrow morning.

The past week has offered some much needed respite. I’ve been feeling strong and reasonably healthy. The G-CSF injections have been working; I’ve been able to fight a pretty significant bronchial infection on my own. There were some touch-and-go moments as I did have light fever about a week ago but it never exceeded the 100.4 degree threshold that requires an ER visit. But that’s now gone, just an innocuous dry cough remains. Continue reading Chemo round 3 tomorrow