I find myself often getting asked what books I read while battling cancer, or that I would recommend in general. I do a lot of highlighting and annotating. One of the benefits of that is I can essentially pull a book off the shelf and re-read it by skimming for the highlights and notes. So here’s a list of books I think worth reading that I tend to reference from time to time. The list is not structured in any particular way. Sometimes a great book can come at the wrong time, and, conversely some part of a really mediocre book can really resonate. These titles are all recommended (I’ve left the duds off for now). I’ve market with * the ones that are excellent/must reads, the number of them indicating strength of recommendation. Also, this is a list I can vouch for having read. The list of books I want to read is WAY longer. I’ll add to this list periodically so it stays somewhat up to date.

Meditations while battling cancer