The space between

there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so…  

– Hamlet

Improving one’s quality of life requires expanding the space between stimulus and response (I picked that up at a buddhist lecture years ago and it stuck). For me the tool for doing this is reflection of some sort. This can take the form of sitting meditation, which I love, but more typically occurs while walking, running, swimming in the freezing pacific ocean! Continue reading The space between

controlled movements

I did a tai chi class the other day. What struck me about this is a feeling of rootedness. You aren’t moving much, certainly not compared to running a marathon. That said there’s something interesting about mastering one’s own ‘frame’ as it’s called, basically what’s in arms reach. In Tolstoy’s how much land does a man need the protagonist seeks all this land/fortune, but in the end the punch line is: Continue reading controlled movements